We created a custom logo, website and marketing campaign for the Susquehanna Spine and Joint Center.  Dr. Blake Staker had created a number of videos and we worked to incorporate them into the design allowing visitors to fully explore his chiropractic service offerings.  With the help of a recent Facebook marketing campaign managed by Soap Effect Studios, Blake is receiving nearly one new patient a day!

website design for Susquehanna spine and joint center
Susquehanna spine


web design

Custom Website Design

We worked with the client to create a fully custom website design around their brand image.
logo design and branding

Logo Design

Created a 100% custom logo that fluidly aligned with his service offering.
social media marketing

Facebook Marketing Campaign

We have been managing a highly successful Facebook marketing campaign which has been generating appointments  at an excellent rate.


We worked with Dr. Staker to create a logo that represented the vertebra of the spine and the winding Susquehanna River which his office is located near.

logo design for susquehanna spine and joint center