YMCA Adwords Grant Program

What is the Google Ad Grant?

Google provides qualified non-profits with an amazing $10,000 of free Adwords traffic.  YMCA’s are a perfect fit for Google Ad Grants program and our team has successfully set this up for them.  It is important to note, that although your YMCA is likely eligible for $10,000, there are some restrictions and quality guidelines that must be followed in order to remain in eligibility.  We will keep your organization in eligibility while providing you the most effective marketing campaign possible.

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What We Offer

We work with your team to determine your marketing needs and create effective adwords campaigns around those needs.  Whether is winter swimming lessons, exercise classes, general membership or a summer camp we can drive traffic to your site’s landing pages.  At the end of every month we will provide your organization with an extensive report breaking down the details of your campaign.

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At this point you probably have a lot of questions.  Reach out to one of our experts to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help your organization.  You have questions and we have answers.

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